Aries Cheung

Aries Cheung studied graphic design and illustration at the Hong Kong Polytechnics University, and graduated in Visual Arts at York University. He has worked as a visual artist, graphic designer and art director for advertising (J. Walter Thompson, HK), books, magazines, film and theatre for many years.

Cheung is now an independent media producer, proficient in multi-lingual video production/editing, whiteboard animation, graphic design, illustration. He is also a visual artist and teacher based in Toronto. His interests include painting, drawing, digital imaging, photo-based, mixed media work and videos. He has exhibited at galleries locally and abroad. He has been on the jury and programming committees for artist-run centres in Toronto. He has received Ontario Arts Council Artist’s Grants and has been a Toronto Arts Council Artist’s Grant Jury Member. He has taught art and design at the Centennial College, and has facilitated art and design workshops for schools and cultural organizations.

He has created short films, videos, design, art and illustrations for advertising; branding, marketing and social media for businesses; He has illustrated books for adults and children for publishers in Canada and US. He has been designing coins for the Royal Canadian Mint.

Aries has also designed video projections and installations for multi-disciplinary presentations and multi-media theatres.

Over 40 years of media production experiences, Aries is proficient in audio-visual and design softwares such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Whiteboard Animation.

Community Involvements & Speaking Engagements

  • Collaborated with Little Pear Garden Collective, Eventual Ashes, Wuming Dance Project and Rice Roll Productions in the development of dance and theatre projects
  • Created video projections and installations in multi-disciplinary production, Salt Fish Girl Part 1: Hope & Forgetfulness
  • Collaborated in Hiding Words (For You), creating interactive video installations utilizing motion-sensing technology
  • Collaborated with Little Pear Garden Collective in Venom of Love, a integrated arts multi-media theatre production, using video projections that interact with live performers
  • Former board member of the artist-run centre A Space and a member of Zen-Mix 2000 PanAsian Visual Arts Collective
  • Worked as an educator and outreach worker on HIV/AIDS (Asian Community AIDS Services AIDS).
  • Created education materials for HIV/AIDS organizations (Asian Community AIDS Services AIDS, Alliance for South Asians AIDS Prevention, AIDS Committee of Toronto)
  • Helped organize cultural and advocacy events for Gay Asians Toronto, Gay Asian AIDS Project and Asian Community AIDS Services
  • Helped develop and organize Asian LGBT video competitions (Bamboo Shoot).
  • Organizer and Mentor for Asian LGBT youth artists on arts projects (Asian Artists and Performers Against HIV/AIDS)
  • Facilitated Asians living with HIV/AIDS on community cultural/arts projects (multi-media theatre production, Temple Street) for the International AIDS Conference.
  • Advisor for Invisible Footprints multi-media exhibition on Asian LGBT history and mentor for featured artists
  • As a featured artist in group exhibition Invisible Footprints 0.2 – Deep Cuts at the Gardiner Museum, Toronto
  • Co-found Queer Asian Performers Network and organize their performer’s showcase
  • Panelist speaker for Asian Community AIDS Services on HIV and Aging Forum
  • Jury member on StArt’s Paint for Pride artist’s selection advisory
  • As an actor in Alice Shin’s short film, Signal Fire
  • Speaker in Ontario HIV Treatment Network’s Love & Sex in the Age of Apps workshops

Teaching & Workshops

Aries Cheung has taught art, design and illustration for adults and children at colleges, schools, cultural organizations and events. He often employs interdisciplinary and multi-media in his workshops which is engaging as well as entertaining. He is available to share his knowledge and experiences for large and small group learners of different skill levels. Contact Aries Cheung for booking enquiry.

Workshop Topics (include but not limited to):
How to Illustrate Children’s Book
How to Design Story Characters
How to Create Layout Compositions for Intended Effects
How to Use Colours Effectively
How to Use Digital Devices as Drawing & Design Aid

Selected Clients:

2B Hypnosis
Al-Noor Wissanji Bookkeeping
Angel Bear Yoga
AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario
Asian Community AIDS Services
Canadian Nonprofit Academy
City Choir
Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment
Fogler, Lawyers
Full Circle Events
Harmony Movement
Health Equity Research
Hong Fook Mental Health Association
Kids Canada
KWL Automotive Centre
Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic
Regent Park Community Health Centre
Royal Canadian Mint
Ryerson University
Osgoode, York University